P&C at Boyanup Primary School

Our school is fortunate to have a very strong Parents and Citizens Association (P&C).  The school prides itself on a high level of parent and community involvement in school activities and the P&C is a driving force in this regard.  They achieve outstanding results with their prime function of fundraising contributing financially to the implementation specific programs and initiatives, purchase of resources that target identified needs within our school and contributing to the costs of incursions and excursions, keeping costs for families at a more manageable amount.

All parents are invited to support the P & C Association, which meets in the staff room following school assemblies during school terms. The association is responsible for the operation of the school canteen which functions every Friday and occasionally caters for special events.

The Annual General Meeting of the association is held in March each year.

Become a P&C Member

We are always welcoming new committee members. Our P&C consists of a broad range of family voices and is reflective of the rich and vibrant school community we are. P&C meetings are held monthly, but you do not have to attend every meeting in order to be a member. Membership is also open to the wider school community, so grandparents or other family members are welcome to join too!

Our meetings are a lot of fun and benefit all the students at Boyanup PS, so if you are interested in joining, please email boyanupps@education.wa.edu.au.

For an annual fee of $1.00 you will be eligible to vote at meetings and will receive regular updates on school issues, P&C news, meeting discussions and organised events.

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