Uniforms & Dresscode

The School Board of Boyanup Primary School has endorsed our current dress code for all students.

The School Board believes a school dress code fosters and enhances the public image of the school, assists in building school team spirit, ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities and encourages equity among students.

Uniform Orders

Can be lodged with a P & C Uniform Co-ordinator.  Stocks of most sizes are usually on hand.  Some items (e.g. green/white check dresses) may be purchased at department stores.  Items purchased through the P & C must be paid for before uniforms will be delivered.

The Dress Code

  1. The preferred dress is the school uniform designated and purchased through the P & C Association and retail outlets.
  2. If school uniform is not worn, the colour, styles and type of clothes worn should be similar to the uniform.
  3. Shoes or sandals with a strap should be worn at all times, unless specifically requested otherwise by a teacher (e.g. some physical education activities).
  4. The school uniform/Sporting uniform is required for all off site excursions or sporting activities.
  5. A "No Hat No Play" policy will be exercised all year.  All students are required to wear a green, broad brimmed hat . All items of clothing, including footwear and hats are to be clearly marked with the child's name.
  6. Children should not wear:
  • sleeveless shirts / "tank tops"
  • football/soccer/basketball tops etc.
  • thongs (without back support)
  • clothing with inappropriate slogans or words
  • excessive or expensive jewellery

For safety and health reasons, students with long hair should have hair brushed away from the face and eyes and secured at the back/top of the head.

Modification to the Code

Parents and students who for religious or medical grounds need to modify the School Dress Code are required to consult with the Principal. Staff will be advised of any student who is granted a modification.

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