STEM & Science

Engaging students in quality STEM learning provides them with opportunities to develop skills, capabilities and knowledge across disciplines. ‘STEM’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM teaching and learning supports students to become confident and involved learners who are curious about their world. STEM is an integrated approach to teaching that uses real world contexts and authentic learning through inquiry, problem solving, critical analysis and creative thinking.

The global economy is changing.  New industries are emerging and new skills are required for workers at all levels. Seventy five per cent of the fastest growing occupations now require STEM skills and knowledge.

A specialist teacher works with the students from Pre Primary to year 6. The program design  incorporates the key skills needed in today's workplace that being problem solving, creativity, critical and analytical thinking, attention to detail and the ability to work independently. These are all related to and developed through STEM studies as employers want workers who are able to reason and solve problems using mathematics and science knowledge.

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